Technology is developing at an ever increasing rate. The very real risk of one’s technology being surpassed and becoming obsolete to competition is force multiplied in today’s global economy, where corporate espionage is a very real threat and Intellectual Property is at risk through the global cyber network.

At Palmer & Cay, we leverage our technology industry knowledge with risk and insurance expertise to deliver Fortune 1000-level solutions to mid-market clients through senior advisors. We can help.

Services & Capabilities

  • M&A Due Diligence Services
  • Global Risk Assessment
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment & Consulting
  • Business Interruption Exposure Analysis
  • Cyber Liability Risk Assessment
  • Intellectual Property Security Services
  • Captives / Alternative Risk Funding Design
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Technology Professional Liability
  • Intellectual Property/Patent Infringement
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