Public Entity

Today’s public entities face a myriad of challenges. The ever increasing demand for services in a revenue neutral environment puts incredible pressure on already tight budgets, making resources scarce and surplus funds to deal with unanticipated losses almost non-existent. All of this adds up to the necessity for good risk management in government.

At Palmer & Cay, we leverage our public entity knowledge with risk and insurance expertise to deliver customized solutions to our clients through senior advisors. We can help.

Services & Capabilities

  • Government-wide Risk Assessment & Consulting
  • Workers Compensation Cost Containment
  • Captives / Alternative Risk Funding Design
  • Property CAT Modeling, Structure & Placement
  • Exposure & Claims Data Management
  • Disaster Recovery & Crisis Management Consulting
  • Fleet Safety Consulting
  • Large Claim Advocacy & Claims Close-out Services
  • Risk Management Information Consulting
  • Cyber Liability Risk Assessment & Consulting
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