Private Equity

The landscape of private equity has changed dramatically over the past decade. More capital has flooded the marketplace chasing fewer deals, driving multiples to unrealistic levels and putting incredible stress on those assets post-closure to achieve returns to the investor base. Today’s private equity firms must bring more than capital to the table to positively affect future revenue streams and ultimate valuations of their portfolio holdings.

At Palmer & Cay, we leverage our private equity industry knowledge with risk and insurance expertise to deliver Fortune 1000-level solutions to mid-market clients through senior advisors. We can help.

Services & Capabilities

  • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence Services
  • M&A Transactional Solution Services
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Insurance Collateral Reduction Strategies
  • Post-Acquisition Total Cost of Risk Reduction Strategies
  • Portfolio Exposure & Claims Data Management
  • Leveraged Portfolio Executive Risk Aggregation Strategies
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Executive Risk Liability:  Runoff & Ongoing
  • Representation & Warranty Liability
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