High transaction volume, a large database of customer records, and lower security standards have turned the hospitality sector into the single most vulnerable industry to data breach, threatening brand reputation. Moreover, the volatility of the current political environment and the ever existing threat of natural disaster mandate a focus on customer safety and asset protection to secure the viability of the business, not to mention the challenge of managing daily labor and operational cost inflation.

At Palmer & Cay, we leverage our hospitality industry knowledge with risk and insurance expertise to deliver Fortune 1000-level solutions to mid-market clients through senior advisors. We can help.

Services & Capabilities

  • Online Safety Classes for Workers Compensation & Slip/Fall Prevention
  • Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment
  • Captives / Alternative Risk Funding Design
  • Incentive-Based Behavior Improvement
  • Hotel Risk Assessment for Exposure & Hazard Identification
  • Property Model, including CAT (wind, hail, water) and proper valuation
  • Exposure & Claims Data Management
  • Crisis Management & Disaster Recovery Consulting/Services
  • Claims Advocacy
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