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In an industry with thin margins, increased materials cost, a shortage of skilled labor and increased risk of sub-contractor default, the ability to manage risk can make the difference between making a profit or not, and in some cases, the survival of the business.

At Palmer & Cay, we leverage our construction industry knowledge with risk and insurance expertise to deliver Fortune 1000-level solutions to mid-market clients through senior advisors. We can help.

At Palmer & Cay, we understanding how critically important Contract and Commercial Surety Bonds are to our client. Our approach to Surety needs is specially tailored around the strategic objectives of every client’s unique corporate business plan. We know how to develop optimal Surety solutions that will help our client’s grow, address seemingly insurmountable challenges and achieve success. Our Surety Practice is well-established, extremely successful and comprised of a multitude of industry professionals that offer our clients the following;

  • Extensive Experience: Our Surety Practice Leader has over 15 years of industry experience with both domestic and international Commercial and Contract Surety. Our staff includes numerous individuals who can execute bonds with each of our surety carriers.
  • Effective Market Relationships: Palmer & Cay has a wide range of long-standing global, regional and specialist surety carrier relationships.
  • Creative Thinkers: We pride ourselves in our ability to provide creative solutions to complex surety needs by working closely with our specialty partners who focus on financial analysis to support negotiations benefiting our clients.
  • Competitive Rates & Premiums: Palmer & Cay’sunwavering reputation for integrity and long-standing relationship with our carrier partners, enables us to negotiate the most competitive pricing in the marketplace.
  • Excellent Service: At Palmer & Cay, we understand that surety bonds are an immediate need therefore we process every request with a sense of urgency. After the underwriting approval process is completed, our clients obtain their surety bonds within 24 hours.

Services & Capabilities

  • Project Safety: OSHA Training & Compliance
  • Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment Strategies
  • Exposure & Claims Data Management
  • Captives / Alternative Risk Funding Design
  • General & Completed Project Liability Structure & Placement
  • Professional Liability: Program & Project
  • Fleet Safety
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Large Claim Advocacy
  • Surety Placement

Palmer & Cay understands the construction business, they anticipate my specific risks and they respond when I need them. Sometimes before I need them.

Key Construction Industry Coverages

  • Controlled Insurance Programs: Design & Administration
  • Builders’ Risk: Reporting & Non-Reporting
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Automobile Liability
  • General Liability/Completed Operations
  • Professional Liability, including Design
  • Environmental/Contractor’s Pollution
  • Subcontractor’s Default Insurance
  • Contractor’s Equipment/Property

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Jackson Bender

Construction Partner

More than 15 years of in-depth experience on both sides of the desk, advising contractors on strategic risk management and insurance issues as well as managing construction and real estate development projects.

(404) 991-6004

Sandra Lawrence

Surety Practice Leader

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